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Salmon Fishing

 The upper part of the River Brora flows through  Dalreavoch.  There is a history of catching both  salmon and sea trout but not in the numbers that  come from the fishing on the lower part of the  river.

 Within a sporting break it does provide the  opportunity for a change to fly fishing in the moving water of the Upper River Brora.


At Dalreavoch we have nine lochs available for trout fishing so for the fishing enthusiast or beginner these many nearby hill lochs offer wild brown trout fishing at all levels. We can arrange for fishing tuition if required.

Fly fishing on Scottish lochs is done from a drifting boat using either what is called the wet fly fishing method or the increasingly popular dry flies and dapping.

The boat will be set to drift broadside to the wind with the aim of drifting to an area where the depth and character of the water is likely to have trout feeding.

The art of fly fishing involves casting the fly down and across the wind, working a combination of rod movement and line retrieval to represent living insects to encourage the trout to rise to the surface and take a bite.

Enjoying the landscape and often changing conditions is all part of a day on the water as is the observation of the unique flora and fauna on the loch sides.

We offer fishing for brown trout from mid March to the end of October.  

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